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We always find people that are looking for a quality and new computer build that can serve their specific needs and have a longer life expectancy. Some consumers may want to use a PC for their basic computing need such as checking emails, for saving photos, for social networking and office applications. Same consumer might wish to expand their capabilities and wanted to get involved with other applications like games or video editing. Here at Computer Repairs Chapel Hill, we never fail to deliver a custom made solutions to fit each and every need of our valued customers, even if it’s a need for a custom built PCs.

New PC and New Computer Build Chapel Hill

We can build a customized computer system to perfectly meet your requirements no matter how complex it may be. You can be confident that you will have the best combination of both the hardware and software which can perfectly match your computing needs. Our expert technicians will provide you a wide range of customization options and professional consultation on any of your inquiries.

We design custom built PCs for

  • Home users
  • Students
  • Gamer
  • Photo and video editing professionals
  • 3D modeler and designers
  • Professional systems
  • Businesses

New computer build Chapel Hill service advantages

  • More affordable computer system but with the same quality as with the branded and manufactured computer.
  • Wide variety of choices for superior hardware parts to choose from, making your computer to last longer.
  • Easy upgrade and repair with the convenience of standards parts compared to proprietary manufactured computer parts.
  • Save resources and space by eliminating the bundled software or also called as bloatware from manufacturer brand PCs that you don’t really need.
  • You can guarantee that you will have most of what you have paid for with your custom built machine.

At Computer Repairs Chapel Hill, we know how to help you in deciding which computer parts are the most cost-effective, durable and reliable. Every hardware parts are carefully considered starting from CPU, memory capacity, hard drive storage capacity, choosing between HDD or SSD, most suitable motherboard up to the smallest detail such as choosing the right monitor or input devices like mouse and keyboard. Our experts will make sure that your custom built computer is properly bench-marked and well tested before we deliver it for you. We will install the operating system of your choice including the drivers and software of your preference. All necessary updates and security patches will also be installed making sure that your computer is up to date and secured.

Call us now at 0410 659 349 and let us start building your custom computer for you. You can visit our workshop anytime and have a free consultation with our experts. Computer Repairs Chapel Hill is open 7 days a week from 7am up to 10pm and even on holidays. Our service is absolutely free of call out fees and travel costs!

You can always check from our customer reviews whenever deciding whether to give us a call and you will be confident that you will get a trustworthy and expert service anywhere in Chapel Hill.

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